Chef Michael’s Upside Down Turkey


Trust me on this one! You will never go back to traditional turkey cookery.

I have found over the years that the number one complaint with turkey is that the breast are too dry. So I went into the test kitchen… When you cut into my resulting recipe, turkey juices will jump out at you!


First you need a turkey…

Then a supporting cast of:

Carrot (4) large

Celery (8-10) stalks

Onion (3) medium

Butter (1/4) pound



Granulated Garlic

Poultry Seasoning

Lastly, one roasting pan


Take your turkey out of its bag, remove the giblets.

Soak submerged in a brine of heavily salted water overnight ,this will pull out any remaining blood, and add an interior saltiness to the meat. 

Thoroughly rinse your bird with fresh water.

Using your hand loosen the skin covering the breast and push butter slices under the skin so that (4-5) slices rest on top of each breast

Make a seasoning mix by combining the salt, pepper, garlic and poultry seasoning. Liberally coat your bird with this mix and set aside.

Next, rough cut your vegetables and place into the bottom of your roasting pan completely covering the bottom of the pan and aprox. 2 inches deep.

Place the turkey breast side down on the bed of vegetables (also place giblets into pan if using for your gravy) and put into a 325-degree oven for aprox 3 hrs (time will vary according to size of the bird)Turn the bird upright for the last 20 minutes of cooking the brown the breast skin. Use a meat thermometer to probe the breast towards the end of the cooking cycle remove from oven when breast reads 160 degrees.

Allow bird to settle for 20 minutes before cutting so juices have a chance to settle. *The drippings and roasted pan vegetables pureed in a food processor will make a superb gravy.


*Below is a downloadable, and printable copy of this recipe


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