References for Michael Atkinson

References for Michael Atkinson


References for: Michael Atkinson


Jim Boyle -( owned Ryan & Boyle Antiques-Saluda NC.) I built Jim’s website for his antique store, taught Jim to manage website, helped to catalog, and photograph inventory. Jim and I formed a friendship that continues today.

Suzan McHugh – (Retired school board superintendent, Saluda resident.) I did computer work for Suzan on several occasions, Suzan recommended me to several new clients in Saluda.

Ron, and Irmy Chmielewski (owners of The Dressing Room ETC-Saluda, NC.) – I built Irmy’s website for her shop, have done computer work for both Ron, and Irmy ,have collaborated with Irmy on catering jobs. Was recruited by Ron for a restaurant consultant job at Stone Soup restaurant in Landrum SC. for Suzanne Strickland.Both Ron, and Irmy remain treasured friends.

Mark, and Marianne Blazer – (Owners of the Orchard Inn, Saluda residents.) I helped the Blazers replace their Chef position at the Inn. We stay in touch, and remain friends.

Corrine Francis Gerwe -(Author, Clemson University Professor, Author, Saluda resident. )I met Corrine during a “computer emergency” ,salvaged data for her, built her a custom computer for her writing, and became friends. Corrine and I are Facebook friends, and stay in touch socially.

Verne, and Jane Pulling – (Saluda residents.) I regularly do computer work for the Pulling’s, and we stay in touch through Facebook.

Joe, and Stephanie Carlton – Owners of The Inn On Church Street in Hendersonville. I worked for the Carlton’s , and remain friends.

Kerry Lindsey, Lark Lindsey – founding owners of Highland Lake Inn property. I worked for the brothers at Highland Lake, continue to occasionally collaborate on projects ,and remain good friends.

Tim Rice – owner of multiple hotel properties, managing partner of Etowah golf resort. I worked for Tim for two years, this was my last position.

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* More references ,and contact information available by request.